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December Update

December Update


December Update 12/22

Hey, everybody. Hope you’re doing great.

Last time, we told you that we were making a combat VFX pack using real guns and live sounds. Well, we did it.

Instead of going to a gun range though, we went to some gorgeous land in the Ozarks and use a small arsenal. Rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, you name it.

We drove around ten hours from where we are (Houston), so we made a trip of it. It was long drive for sure, but, if you’ve read our bio, you’d know Jeremiah and I are long-time friends, so the time spent together was great. We were able to come up with some more ideas for assets and short films we want to make (stay tuned!). loop}>

It was freezing cold up in the mountains (20° F) and the entire shoot only gave about thirty seconds of film. (We drove twenty hours for thirty seconds of footage. Hilarious, I know.) But it was worth it. The live sounds and authentic muzzle flashes came out really good. Check them out here.

Anyways, thanks again for being with us and we hope you have a great holiday season!

As a thank you we made a free mini gun VFX pack for you to sample! Check it out here!

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